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YAY!!!  So very proud of our Varsity co-ed squad making Desert Vista HS Cheer history today!!! Not only did they win AIA Division 1 Runners-Up State Qualifier Co-Ed Cheer 2017-2018, but they also qualified for the State Championship Competition!!! Extraordinary team effort! Thanks to our amazing Coach Fischbeck, the entire coaching staff and the Junior Varsity team support!!! Way to go!!!




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Hello DV Cheer Families,

Well… DV sure finished STRONG!! Camp proved to be a great time! I’m SURE your daughter will tell you ALLLL about it- but know that they are extremely tired. Likely they will want to shower and sleep before sharing all the fun we had 🙂

DAY 4… here we go:

Those accepted to All American: Lauren Conway, Lindsay Rust, Hailey Engels, Olivia Dudley, Alison McMorris, Olivia DiGioia, Katrina Rosenburg

Game Day:
JV 2nd Place

VARSITY 1st Place

Superior + Gold Ribbon for JV!


VARSITY 2nd Place

Game Day Championships:
JV 2nd Place

VARSITY 1st Place

BOTH Teams received SPIRIT STICKS to take home!

I am most proud of DV VARSITY for earning the LEADERSHIP AWARD.

and…. for the first time…. WE-GOT-TOP BANANA to take home!!!!!!

Truly, DV worked so hard and I am beyond proud. They proved to be great role-models.

Again, thank you all for helping the girls get to camp. They grow together as a team here and are able to set the bar high for the year. Here, they are able to be a bit more independent and discover what great leaders they can be. I am beyond excited for the school-year to begin.

Again, they will be exhausted by the time they get home but we sure had a FUN TIME.

Girls are home safe & sound! And feeling LOUD & PROUD!!!

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Cheer Camp Updates from Coach Hannah!!!


Hello DV Cheer Family,

Camp DAY 3 Update:

Our day started with a Big Bro/Big Sis UCA Staff check-in. Captains had their second meeting with UCA Staff. Athletes reviewed game day material, went to stunt class, received their personalized pyramid class, and much more.

SO PROUD of JV earning a GOLD Ribbon on their Xtreme Routine!! Varsity earned a Red Ribbon today with new feedback to stick their pyramid build.

All American try outs were held today. All our Varsity Seniors, Amelia & Zoe from JV tried out! Tomorrow UCA will announce those awarded.

BOTH teams brought home spirit sticks once again! WOOT-WOOT

The evening ended with our “So Much to Love” Rally where the girls dressed the part and had some spirited fun!

Tomorrow I will have the girls text as we get 30 minutes away from home! We SHOULD be home around 3:00PM.
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Cheer Camp Updates from Coach Hannah!!!

Camp DAY 1 proved to be full of spirit!

Athletes moved into their dorms rooms and have been learning to live with communal bathrooms. (I always say camp is a GREAT peak into the fun of college life)!

Some day’s accomplishments:

We met all our UCA Staff today and received our Big Bro and Sis – (Specific UCA Staff that work only with our teams). The day started with our Xtreme Routine, into stunt sessions, Sideline Lessons and evaluations, pyramid class, class-yells, and both teams passed & received their credentials in ‘Safety’- one of the 7 Roles of a Cheerleader.

BOTH JV & Varsity received BLUE ribbons on their sideline evaluations! This was the highest ribbon shared today! WOOT-WOOT!

DV received a shout-out on the “Crush Board” today- recognized by another team attending camp!

Spirit Sticks, Top Banana, and more will be awarded tomorrow night and on… we are looking forward to the opportunity to BRING IT HOME!!

If there are any families wishing to come see what we’ve been up to- on our final day all teams will be performing their learned material starting at 9:30am in the Skydome. Parking in the skydome lot is available at cost. I will also be recording the girls performances and sharing them at the conclusion of camp for all families to see!

Camp DAY 2 was a long one packed with material!

Our captains started their day of with Leadership Training. Teams met with their Big bro/Big sis UCA staff for material review. All athletes learned their Game Day Cheer & Band Dance before moving into private coaching, jump class, & leadership training. Teams continued work on their pyramid for their Xtreme Routine performance & learned their hip hop dance.


We received many shout outs on the “Crush Board” from other teams attending camp.

Leah Murray was awarded in the UCA Staff “Pin It Forward”. UCA Staff selected several athletes that represent all characteristics of a cheerleader and kindness. A true honor! On the final day, Leah will pass a pin along to another athlete from another team that she recognizes as the same.

Camp JUMP-OFF was today! Kira Blasenak, Ashley Cahill, Lauren Conway, Olivia Dudley, & Hailey Engels moved on through 3 ROUNDS! It was a very proud moment to see so many DV athletes left through this piece. Congrats to Lauren Conway, winning Jump-Off 2017!!

Both JV and Varsity received BLUE ribbons for their cheer evaluation.

BOTH JV and Varsity went home this evening with SPIRIT STICKS!

Perhaps our proudest achievement of the day… TOP BANANA!! This is considered the great leaders, highly spirited, & inclusive team of the day. Big stuff! GO DV THUNDER.

I must say how appreciative I am to our families for sharing your summers with us. Having the time to work with these teams through summer practices, prior to camp, really helps us shine and gain new experiences at camp. The UCA Staff have been very complimentary of our athletes.

Lastly, we held our dorm-room decoration expose’ this evening. The girls REALLY brought it this year- there were some EXCELLENT themes- these girls can really create some beautiful environments! If you wish to see them… I took a photo of every room and will be sending them to the girls.

See some photos from today attached! (See our Twitter for more!)